Vote Debbie Kitchin City Council District 2 (N/NE Portland)

Portland is at a turning point

We desperately need to have a city government that works and that works for everyone. I have the skills and desire to work with all sides of the table to move our city forward, responding to the serious and multiple crises we are facing. Whether it’s housing and houselessness, public safety, mental health, equitable economic development, or the climate crisis – I am eager to bring people together to get Portland moving forward. I love Portland and I know many of my fellow residents do as well. While our problems are serious, I believe in Portlanders. As a city councilor, I am committed to bringing us together and moving forward – Portland for all Portlanders!

Debbie Kitchen on the steps at the Peninsula Park Rose Garden

As a small business owner for nearly 30 years in the housing sector, I have experience with navigating change and uncertainty while living our values, protecting our employees, and serving our customers. My first career was as a regional economist, so I bring a clear understanding of how our economy works and what we need to help our community thrive and bring prosperity to all members of our community. I have lived in District 2 for more than 40 years. I raised two children in Portland Public Schools – my daughter went to Grant High School and my son went to Benson. I have been involved in the community in numerous ways, as a Girl Scout leader, soccer coach, snowboard team manager, PTA volunteer, PPS School Bond advisory committee member, small business advocate, and Energy Trust board member, among others.

I listen, I am constantly learning and I am focused on pragmatic steps – leveraging our resources and relationships to build a better Portland. We are changing local government to be more responsive to and representative of all parts of our city. Collaboration is key to success in our new city government and beyond. Portland needs to be a better partner with Multnomah County, other cities in our region, our Governor, and legislators. We have to have all hands on deck pulling together to turn things around.

Thank you for your vote,

Debbie Kitchin
Candidate City Council District 2 (N/NE Portland)

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Land acknowledgment

We gratefully acknowledge the Native Peoples in whose ancestral homelands we live, as well as the diverse and vibrant Native communities who make their home here today. With humility, we offer our gratitude to these tribes, which include: Multnomah, Wasco, Cowlitz, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Bands of Chinook, Tualatin, Kalapuya, Molalla, and many others who made their homes along the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. We are here because of the sacrifices made over many centuries, a debt we can never repay.

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